For loop in C++

A Simple program which will show how to use loop in C++. Here I am using for loop to print a table up to 20. Step 1: Now build your project and Run it.

Simple Menu base Order Program in C++

A simple console program which will take input menu item from user, then input quantity of that item, repeat this process until we reached menu limit or user decided to not include further item into order, and finally we will display a total of his order.

Category: C++

Temperature Conversion Program in C++

A simple program using C++ for temperature conversion.   Comments:   We take two global variable Celsius and Fahrenheit. These variables will be used for temperature inputs and further processing while conversion. Function convertF() will convert Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius temperature by using following formula: Celsius = (Fahrenheit – 32) * 5/9 Function convertC() will… Read More »

Keyboard Shortcuts in Visual Studio

Keyboard Shortcut Action Ctrl+Alt+F1 Open Visual Studio Documentation Ctrl+Shift+B Build your application Ctrl+F5 Run your project Ctrl+Alt+X Open the toolbox if it’s closed F5 Debug the application Ctrl+. Display the Smart tag menu, from which you can add references, implement interfaces, and so on Ctrl+Shift+F Find in files Ctrl+I Interactive search; allows you to start… Read More »

Hello World in C#

Hello World in C# is very simple and Step by Step tutorial that will help you understand how to code in Android. If you are familiar with other programming or at least you have experience in coding you should pretty familiar with this program.